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1D General Package (A1FIT)

1D General Package (A2FIT)

1D General Package (A3FIT)

1D General Package (A4FIT)

1D General Package (A5FIT)

1D General Package (A6FIT)

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4D Kaohsiung Package (D8FIT)

4D Kaohsiung Package (D8GIT)

5D Muslim Taiwan Package (EM1FIT)

5D East Taiwan Package (E1GIT)

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CKS Memorial Hall


President Palace


Shifen Waterfall


Shifen Skylantern


Shilin Official Residence


Taipei 101

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Some good reasons


Why choose eFLY Travel ? "Customer always complain the price before tour; customer always complain the quality after tour". Taiwan eFLY Travel insist on its good quality service and tour with a reasonable price.

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eFLY Travel do inbound and outbound, that’s why so many customers use eFLY Travel’s good quality service all over the world and won customers’ good reputation all over the world.

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eFLY Travel offers free wifi, wheelchair, baby car seat……to our customers during the trip, so customers can have a comfortable tour and enjoy their trip very much without any inconvenient; of course, birthday cake if customer’s birthday.

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Travel agent in Taiwan. We do both inbound and outbound. We offer the best service such as meal, hotel and transportation to customers in the whole world.

Business Range

  • 1Taiwan local tour (tour guide、itinerary、hotel、car)
  • 2FIT & GIT arrangement and outbound to other countries
  • 3Medical Examination in Taiwan
  • 4Taiwan hotel’s booking
  • 5Business Trip、Company Tour、Student Tour、Academic Activity

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